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Bishop's Stortford Neighbourhood Plan - Newsletter no 1

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The Town Council is creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Silver Leys and Meads. This includes the land to the north west of Bishop’s Stortford which has been identified for a possible large housing development. A Neighbourhood Planning team has been created consisting of representatives of the communities in the wards, local residents, local councillors, local businesses, developers and those responding to advertising for volunteers. Minutes and other documentation from team meetings appear on our website.

Neighbourhood planning, which was introduced in the Localism Act 2011, is a way for communities to have a say on development in their area - where new homes, shops and offices should be built, what those buildings should look like and what infrastructure should be provided. A Neighbourhood Plan can shape development but it cannot prevent development which is part of the Local Plan (in this case, the District Plan currently being produced by East Herts District Council).

Neighbourhood Planning is a four stage process:

- Set a designated area for the plan - this has been completed
- Prepare and Create the Plan, Consult - this is the longest stage and we are currently part way through. We started in December 2012 and this stage is expected to take about 12-18 months
- Independent Examination - this is to check we meet the legislative requirements
- Referendum - if the plan gets a simple majority it will be adopted and has statutory force

Once the plan has been adopted it has statutory force, has equal weight to the district plan and governs development within the Neigbourhood Plan area.

We have now published the first two sections of the plan in draft form. These are

- The Vision
- The Objectives and Policies for Transport

The documents can be viewed and downloaded on our website - just follow the neighbourhood plan links on the front page.

These are early drafts and are still subject to change. We are inviting comments which can be made via the website or in writing to the Town Council.

If you would like further details please visit

Further bulletins will be issued from time to time as the plan progresses.

The Neighbourhood Plan Team