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‘Flavours of the World’ is a market crafted to stir the senses. Among the atmosphere, accents and aromas you will discover Italian sweets and biscuits from the home of the lightest nougats; cheese that characterises the cultural and culinary identity its hometown; along with cured meats, fuet and saucisson from every corner of France and beyond its borders; and stalls offering ranges of coffee and mustards, brought by traders with the knowledge and passion to enlighten you of the subtleties between them.

Beyond those stalls that tempt the taste buds, the market brings traders arriving to showcase the beauty of craft that exists beyond our shores. From bowls and ornaments, carved from Moroccan marble and Baltic amber, set into handcrafted jewellery; to finely woven Italian clothing, rugs and throws and over 60 scents of soap, forged from olive oil and enriched with argon oils from Alep to Marseille.

The market will take place in North Street from 9.30am.

The traders who have booked to attend are:


Asian Fusion- Green Chicken Currey, Noodles VEG,Noodels Chicken
Bambaji- Hand Bags and wooden letters
French Crepes - French Crepes - Sweet and Savoury
Italian Biscuits -  Italian Biscuits, Chocolate, Nougats
Jellies and Fudges
La Bagette Croustillante-  Bread and Pastry and viennoiserie
La Moutarde qui monte au nez- Homemade mustards, jams, olive oils ,cassoulet
Le Specialiste du Fromage- French Cheeses
Dry fruits and Nuts , Baklava, Nougat and Turkish Delight
Paella Español
Quality Hand Carved Gifts Woodcarvings & Furniture
Staffordshire Garden Furniture- Handmade garden furniture
Terre et Mer - tartiflette- garlic prawnie-boisson fraiche
The Cured Meat Company
The Olive Stall