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There are two Neighbourhood Plans for Bishop's Stortford because it was felt that it would be too much to cover the whole town in one go.

All Saints, Central, South and part of Thorley

This second Neighbourhood Plan covering All Saints, Central and South Wards and a part of Thorley Parish gained a 78%  vote in favour in the referendum held on 7th September 2017.  There is one more formal step to the process before it becomes officially part of the develpment plan for the area but it is now obligatory to take account of it when planning applications are considered

Silverleys and Meads

The first Neighbourhood Plan for Silverleys and Meads went to referendum on 19th March 2015 where it was approved by nearly 93% of those who voted. It now has statutory force and carries equal weight to the East Herts Local Plan.  

Why have a Neighbourhood Plan?

A neighbourhood plan is a LEGALLY BINDING document that governs new development and becomes as important as documents created by East Herts District Council.

The Bishop's Stortford Neighbourhood Plans aim to…

IMPROVE the quality of new HOMES





INCREASE opportunities for SPORT


The plans DO NOT advocate large scale housing development. They seek to IMPROVE any development that does occur.

The Neighbourhood Plan gives YOU a say on building in YOUR community and is created FOR Bishop’s Stortford BY Stortford people