Town Council gets tough on Fly Posting

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Bishop’s Stortford Town Council has adopted new powers to deal with fly posting. An agency agreement concluded with the District Council allows the Town Councils to remove fly posting in their area and tough action has already been taken to clear the hotspots of illegal advertising. Similar agreements have been offered to the other towns in East Herts who worked together on the project with the District Council.

“The agreement is a perfect example of common sense in action”, says Chief Executive James Parker. “We have people on the ground in the town every day and can act swiftly to remove offending postings at essentially no additional cost to the taxpayer. Swift action should act as a real deterrent to fly posters and of course the option to take legal action remains. Our service supplements that provided by the District who perform patrols on a periodic basis, but cannot be in Town every day.” “The hotspots in the town are well known to us and we receive frequent complaints from residents. Up till now we have been powerless to act but this new agreement means we can deal with the problem quickly and efficiently”.

Under planning legislation there are a limited number of cases where advertising without consent is legal. The legislation is quite complex say Richard and James but anyone in doubt can call us for guidance or should speak to the District Council about the rules. Of course we will be sensitive however the Council has made it clear that they will not tolerate illegal advertising of this nature.

The Mayor of Bishop’s Stortford, Cllr Peter Gray, added “it is really good to see the Towns in East Herts and the District Council working together to come up with a common-sense solution to a common problem. It has taken a while to sort out the detail but now the agreement is in place I am sure it will work well”