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Bishop’s Stortford Town Council are pleased to advise that the construction of the Paddling Pool is now complete.  The major cause of the initial intermittant operation has now been resolved. We have received a lot of positive feedback from large numbers of people.

The pool will be closed from 8th June - 18th June while we enhance the non-slip properties of the path, as requested by many users.  During the same period we will also be undertaking some;further work on the facility itself to reduce the probability of future failure, and dealing with the consequences of a blockage in the sewer caused by the unexpected inappropriate disposal of wet wipes down the toilet.  We apologise for any disappointment.

We currently expect the pool to reopen on 18th June after which you will be able to enjoy it during the summer months from 9am - 7pm.;The public toilet will be open between 9am and 5pm. From 7pm - 10pm the illuminated centre feature will be operational