Neighbourhood Plan Task and Finish Group

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Cllr P Demonti
Cllr Mrs J Duggan
Cllr G Jones
Cllr K Warnell
Cllr C Woodward



To oversee and periodically review the preparation of one or more neighbourhood plans for Bishop’s Stortford in pursuit of the Council’s Strategic Plan

To define the area(s) to be considered for a neighbourhood plan and the priorities for consideration

To establish one or more neighbourhood teams or other consultative bodies and to oversee the workings of those team(s)

To draft or have drafted neighbourhood development plan(s) or order(s) and recommend to Council

Periodically to review progress against the strategic objectives of the neighbourhood planning exercise and take necessary action (which may include recommending to Council that the plans be modified or the programme redirected or suspended if, for example, the aims have been substantially achieved or for other reason)

To review proposals for expenditure on the neighbourhood plan and recommend to Council

With the assistance of the Chief Executive, to ensure that the Council’s neighbourhood planning exercise proceeds in accordance with applicable law and to make such applications to external bodies as are required to progress the plan in accordance with the law